542 paintings SOLD since July 2014

Cambridge Open Studios 2019

August 2019 Preparation of works to be exhibited at the Cambridge Museum of Technology for 2019 Festival of Science.

Summer 2019 Cambridge Open Studios Weekend 1 July 2019 : 16 artworks sold. This year I will only be open for Weekends 1 and 3. Report on Weekend 3 : 15 works sold. Total sold at Open Studios 2019 = 31 artworks.

Spring 2019 A successful Cambridge Drawing Society exhibition is now behind me - time to concentrate on making some works for Cambridge Open Studio (July 2019).

Visits made : The Hermitage St Petersburg, The Museum of Contemporary Art Tallinn, Modern Art Museum Stockholm, Artek Helsinki, The Castle Gallery Norwich

January 2019 Now in the U3AC Abstract Group with lots of new ideas. Going forward with a new line of abstract work for the Cambridge Drawing Society Exhibition and Open Studios 2019.

July 2018 Another successful Cambridge Open Studios - open only 2 weekends this year and - sold 28 paintings. Thank you to my loyal customer base.

Summer 2018 A solo exhibition at Balzano's in June. Totally inspired by a trip to France, Open Studios in July will have that Impressionists feel. Two triptychs underway, and a line of sketches of the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Spring 2018 A successful Cambridge Drawing Society exhibition is now behind me - time to concentrate on making some works for Cambridge Open Studio (July 2018).

And working towards the Michaelhouse Art exhibition later on in the year. Looking forward to visiting Monet's garden in Giverny.

Winter 2017/2018 - making over back catalogue with new abstract ideology.

Beginning a new abstract impressionistic series 'Lodes'.

September 2017 - month long exhibition at Balzano's Café in Cambridge.

July 2017 Cambridge Open Studios - I had 52 paintings in the exhibition. Sold 35.

January 2017 Two entries are now registered for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. All I have to do is paint them!

November 2016 Working on some commissions in this latter part of the year. I will not be exhibiting until April 2017. I am enjoying experimenting with abstract landscapes.

July 2016 Cambridge Open Studios - I have 50 paintings in the exhibition. Sold 11 the first weekend. By the 3rd weekend the number sold was 26. The 4th weekend took the tally up to 30 sold.

April 2016 The Cambridge Drawing Society exhibition is over - I sold 3 out of the 4 exhibited. Some good art sales from ArtFinder and I have finished my commission for Antarctic Survey for the Pint of Science 2016 event. Now organising what I will be doing for Open Studios 2016 - all 4 weekends end July.

February 2016 Good steady sales in the first part of this year. A sell out at the Impington Art Exhibition was greatly appreciated. Now working steadily towards the April 2016 Cambridge Drawing Society Exhibition.

December 2015 All systems go for the Mill Road Winter Fair Art Exhibition. One week to go and I have not decided what to exhibit! Also in December I have to seriously think about my entries for the Royal Academy as entries have to be in on the 9th January 2016 - am thinking it could be 'Jacarandas'.. The other question is whether to exhibit at Impington Art Exhibition in February?

November 2015 Working full time on exhibitions, competitions and commissions. Buoyed on by my sell-out at the Cambridge Drawing Society exhibition! Speaking of sell-outs, Peter sold out on Preview Night at the Foxton Art Exhibition. I did well too selling 4 out of the 5 paintings I exhibited alongside Peter. The Cambridge Open Art Exhibition also went well - I sold 2 out of 3 large paintings. I am currently working on my Series 10 'Behind The Sofa' paintings.

September 2015 Having fun doing abstracts for exhibition season in Cambridge.

July 2015 Cambridge Open Studios! Exhibiting with Alison Finn and Barbara Deacon.

Now finished after a marathon 4 Weekends - SOLD 18 paintings plus 2 commissions.

June 2015 Peter and I are both exhibiting together at The Curiosity Gallery, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 5AL. St Ives is a beautiful town just 12 miles north of Cambridge, absolutely well worth a visit for its calm beauty. And it is all stops out for Cambridge Open Studios July 2015. Artworks getting organised and I am managing to squeeze in some paintings of the summer garden for my English Gardens series.

May 2015 One of my miniature paintings will be part of the BBC Little Painting Challenge exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. The exhibition will run from the 1st – 22nd of May 2015. A Pint of Science went well and hurrah, I sold The New Britain Kingfisher painting as an added bonus. Work is progressing well on my English Garden Series, and abstract works are almost getting there. Brilliant exhibition at The Plough in Shepreth of Eithne Fisher's work was very inspirational.

April 2015 The Cambridge Drawing Society Exhibition is now over and I am pleased I sold 3 out of my 4 exhibits. Now concentrating on producing works for Gallery53 for Cambridge Open Studios in July.

March 2015 Working with Dr. Graeme Buchanan to produce artworks for a Pint of Science

February 2015 Now working towards the four entries for the Cambridge Drawing Society Exhibition in April. The theme for me is abstracts of Cambridge vistas.

January 2015 Competition entries have now gone in for the Saatchi Showdown, The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, and the RA 2015 Summer Exhibition. Cheques have come in for paintings sold at Christmas time, and we are now having Working Lunches with two groups that I will be involved with in 2015 - Gallery53 (Cambridge Open Studios), and GroupMay - Portals (Clare Hall College). The theme for this year is Ancient Trees. Permission has been granted from three Cambridge colleges to use their trees as reference points. One more painting to go for the Impington Exhibition in February, and then I have to start work on the Cambridge Drawing Society Exhibition in April.

November 2014 Another busy month. Working on entries for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, and the RA 2015 Summer Exhibition. And good news from the Foxton Art Exhibition - I sold 4 of the 5 paintings I exhibited. Even better news with the Rheebridge Open Exhibition. I was awarded the Runner Up Prize in this event from 300 art works. I also sold this work within the first 5 minutes of it being hung at the Williams Art Gallery. See the image on my Home Page - Holkham Beach No. 1

October 2014 The Cambridge International Art Fair was brilliant and has inspired me to continue on with my exploration of abstract art and The Art of Reduction. Challenges of the month are seascapes in black and white, and painting silver objects. I also have one eye on The Royal Academy 2015 - entries are required by 6th January,plus two commissions before December, one of the Mathematical Bridge - an abstract, and one for the The Bury Elm event at Ely Cathedral.

September 2014 Panic Stations: 4 exhibitions before the end of the year to work for. And have just come up with a design for the Royal Academy entry which needs to be complete by the 6th January 2015.

July 2014 Another very a busy month. Exhibiting for the whole month of July for Cambridge Open Studios. Weekend 1 was very successful in that I sold 25 paintings! I am now into Weekend 3 and the total number of paintings sold is 39! While I wait for visitors I am looking at ideas for a commission that has been requested of lemons.

End of Open Studios Update : total sold 53. August, I am taking it easy!

June 2014 What a busy month. Exhibiting for the whole month at the Six Bells pub in Covent Garden. Preparing for Open Studios, I will be open for the whole of the month of July - I also found time to organise 23 artists into an Art Show for the PACT Summer Event, Cambridge. 300 visitors in one day!

May 2014 I won the local Poster Competition! Also I am organising The ART SHOW - PACT Summer Event 2014 - Pop Up Gallery. 20 participating artists!

April 2014 I have three paintings hanging in the Cambridge Drawing Society Exhibition at the Guildhall, Cambridge. Update on this : all 3 are SOLD!

March 2014 I discovered Windsor and Newton Water Mixable Oils ‘Artisan’ - so good I cannot stop painting.

Sadly I didn’t get accepted to the Royal Academy - oh well there is always next year.

February 2014 Six weeks in Bath taking in the 40 odd Galleries! Loads of inspiration.

Currently exhibiting at the IVC.

January 2014 My entry is in for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014! It is displayed on the Royal Academy page of my website.

December 2013 The Mill Road Winter Fair Art Show was a great success. I sold 5 paintings and met quite a number of the exhibiting artists. We are all going to join together for next year’s fair!

November 2013 In preparation for my Portraiture Course with John Glover. See ‘From My Sketch Pad’.

October 2013

The Cambridge Drawing Society Leys exhibition! I have three works displayed until 2nd November. Working towards the SOS Charity Exhibition and the Williams Art Michaelmas Exhibition. Thoughts going towards the Royal Academy 2014 Summer Exhibition as entries required by the 6th January.

September 2013

Back from The Dune House in Thorpeness and feeling so inspired to do watercolour seascapes. My mind is now looking towards the Cambridge Drawing Society exhibition in October where I am expected to submit 3 artworks!

July 2013

The course at Matisse’s house in Vence, France, was a great inspiration! And now for a month of Cambridge Open Studios!

May and June 2013

Just too busy to write a blog. Preparation for Norfolk St Summer Event and Open Studios + Painting course in Nice at Matisse’s house!

10th April 2013

Hurrah! I have been accepted to the Cambridge Drawing Society! And all sold!

April 2013 Competition season starts! I have 4 entries in the Cambridge Drawing Society comp starting 13th April. I have also entered a work entitled ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ for the Saatchi Showdown. Please vote for me! Otherwise working on 4 entries for the Petersfield Festival. In the background working towards Open Studios - with the theme of ‘Lemons in Art’

March 2013 Started my Open Studios project - revisiting Classical artists starting with Anthony Van Dyck.

February 2013 Working on a Venitian Mask project with fellow artist John Tordoff.

8th January 2013 I have entered the Saatchi Online Showdown - Living Colour with my recent painting Echinacea In Gold vase - please look and vote for it at the following link:

January 2013 Traditionally portraiture month for me - so I started today on the 1st January with a portrait of my hero Hilary Clinton who is currently in hospital.

December, 2012 My Christmas Open Studios weekend went well - I sold 13 paintings. Looking forward to Summer Open Studios already. Am currently very keen on Mark Rothko, so am working on two red paintings in his style ;-)

September, 2012 Swans are featuring heavily again - after Picasso! And my Paypal Online Shop has opened!!

August, 26, 2012 I’ve started working on paintings for the Christmas Open Studios. The theme is autumnal - harvest fruit, Cambridge sketches, portraits from the allotment, jugs and vases and some abstracts of autumnal seascapes. Also the next Saatchi comp has come up - ‘Places and Spaces’- getting my thoughts together.

The big news is you will be able to buy my paintings online. I am working on an e-eommerce shopfront!

August, 1, 2012 Open Studio Weekend 4 has come to a close. I sold 70 paintings - many thanks to the 417 people who came to my exhibition and the 70 who came away with a painting! I am now thinking about Open Studio Christmas ... will work on the successful themes from the July exhibition, pen and ink drawings of quirky buildings around Cambridge. I am sure that I will do a few more of my best sellers - the goldfish, too ;-)

July 2012 Open Studios has been a great success with over 30 paintings sold !! Still two weeks to go and I have been busy this week producing a ‘Mallard Ducks on the Cam’ collection. Entitled ‘Joy Duck Club’ - it is a series of duck portraits in vibrant acrylic colours.

April and May 2012 I have started my new course with Cambridge Life Drawing - and have acquired an iPad. Using ArtStudio I am having fun doing some portraits.

March 2012 The Cambridge Zoology Museum provided inspiration for the theme Moments and Patterns which will be done as lino cut prints.

I got my entry form in for the Royal Academy Summer Exhition 2012!

28-Feb-12 Entered Saatchi Abstract competition with Dream City : Graffiti

February 2012 Midterm break : I am doing loads of sketches after a visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park. Check out the ‘From My Sketch Pad’ page.. Also I have discovered a wonderful artist in Berlin - Isabelle Zacher who is a inspiration!

19-Jan-12 I am really excited to have been voted into the 2nd Round of the Saatchi Online Collage Showdown!

January 2012 Inspired by an exhibition of Barbara Rae’s work at Trinity Hall Cambridge and the Andy Warhol exhition at the Modern Art Museum in Ishoj Denmark, I have decided to re-work some of my old favourite canvases - starting with Peonies.

September, 2011 I have started my Drawing and Mixed Media course at the White House Arts Centre. Neil Payne is very inspiring and I feel this course is going to take me to another level.

August, 2011 I have discovered the wonderful Kurt Jackson!

July, 2011 I have digressed. Pastels are back in - exploring the iridecent ones!

June, 2011 My interest in portraiture is growing strongly. So this month I am working on a multimedia project ‘World Leaders.

May, 2011 Working on my exhibition - My Cat Loves Me. Ideas for June are portraits of world leaders.

April, 2011 An unbelieveable spring - bright blue skies and heat - the clematis montana sparkles over my back fence.

March, 2011 Still with gold and silver paint - doing some impressions of blue irises.

February, 2011 All plans below flew out of the window, as I experimented with gold and silver paint. It is that time of the year where shine is everything. Just the one painting so far, but the Egyptian crisis has given me some ideas - a liberal dressing of gold will be in order!

Mid Winter 2011 I’ve been inspired for my next online exhibition. Toying around with ideas for 4 still life studies in greys and yellows to match the colours of the Cambridge winter sunrise. Based loosely on the work of the Scottish Colourists, especially Samuel John Peploe

Early Winter 2010 I’ve just finished my Ceramics course at White House Arts Centre in Cambridge. It was fun and gave me a lot of ideas on handling the 3rd dimension, colour, texture and surfaces. After soulsearching, and a visit to TKMAXX, I decided that China has the upperhand on ceramics. A cup for £1 - who can compete? What is the point of buying $1,500 worth of pottery kit and a kiln - you would need to sell 1,500 cups/bowls to break even. So back to two dimensional art for me!! The winter has been severe and I’ve been ill most of the time, so not much output from me. I also decided to revamp my website. Nobody is that interested in pages of images. Everything now needs to be fresh and current. So this website is now going to have a monthly exhibition on the lead page and that’s it. I am still waiting to be discovered, and when that happens then perhaps my previous work may become fresh and current. Until then, it is under wraps.